How do I take care of my moss artwork? Do I need to water it?

No watering required! All of my pieces are made with preserved moss and dried or preserved flowers. Preserved moss is made in a glycerin solution and then dyed to achieve certain colors. In fact, I promise you won't kill it and I forbid you from watering your artwork. You'll likely cause the dye in the moss to bleed, and rehydrating any preserved or dried flowers in your piece may result in them rotting over time.

How long will my moss artwork last?

I have to admit, I don't know for certain - but definitely several (many) years. I recommend you keep your piece out of direct sunlight as the harsh rays can cause the moss and flowers to fade and turn brittle. I also recommend not touching the piece to ensure it maintains its form and to not risk any accidental damage.

Do you take commissions?

Yep! Just fill out the contact form (linked in the footer and in the main menu) or send me an email at hello@regrdns.com with a quick note about what you're looking for or any reference images.

Do you press bridal bouquets?

I sure do! I can only take in a few bouquets at a time so please email me at hello@regrdns.com as soon as you have a date and reserve your spot. Pressed wedding bouquets start at $200 for size 11X14.

Can you save my dried bouquet?

I sure can! I can rehydrate and press your dried flowers, as long as they have been well preserved (i.e. not too rotten). Send me a photo at hello@regrdns.com and I'll see what I can do.

Do you offer moss art workshops?

Absolutely! I partner with several locations around Memphis, TN and Washington, DC so be sure to check my calendar and/or the linktree in my instagram profile to find tickets. I'll even come to you and host a private workshop if you and a group of your friends are looking for a unique experience.