• All Natural

    All the moss I use is real but preserved - formerly living but now frozen in time. All the bark I use is foraged on my walks through nature or my neighborhood. All the flowers are sourced from florists and friends.

  • No Maintenance

    Preserved moss allows you to fill your space with green but at no risk of it dying! There's no need to water or mist your piece - it will remain as is for years to come.

  • Truly Unique

    Every piece is handmade with love and no two pieces will ever be the same (not even if I tried!). You may find some motifs that I repeat, but know that your piece is special and has a story of its own.

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  • Sustainablity

    I am thankful for the beauty and life this planet provides and I believe in doing my part to preserve it. All the packaging I use is upcycled. It isn't pretty, but it means all my Amazon boxes and shipping materials can put in a few more miles.

  • Mission

    Approximately 1 million people across the world suffer from an array of autoimmune diseases - and 80% of them are women. I am one of them. For every purchase, Reclaimed Gardens gives 2% to the Autoimmune Association.

  • Impact

    You can also play a part by adding $1 to your total, which will be donated to a small group of non-profits that are working toward critical changes in this world - making it a safer, more beautiful place for everyone on it.

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